Q1: How much skin preparation is necessary?


A1: The answer to this question depends upon the individual.  For those who wear heavy makeup, for good adhesion, it is essential to remove the makeup using standard makeup removers.  In contrast, many patients report that no skin preparation is required.  A little experimentation will help answer this question for you.



Q2: I have naturally oily skin.  How can I improve adhesion?


A2: Cleaning the nose with isopropanol or witch hazel swabs will remove natural oils from the skin.  These products are widely available at pharmacies and online.



Q3: Can I use the NozeSealTM adhesive strip multiple times?


A3: For best adhesion and hygiene, use the NozeSealTM adhesive strip once and discard after a single use.



Q4: You offer only a medium NozeSealTM adhesive strip, but I do not use a medium nasal pillow.  Can I use your product?


A4: Our medium size NozeSeal is designed to fit most brands and sizes of nasal pillows



Q5: I have severe arthritis and have difficulty installing the NozeSealTM adhesive strips onto my nasal pillow.  Can I use your product?


A5: Ask a caregiver, relative, or neighbor to install them for you so they are ready when you go to bed.



Q6: Upon repeated use, my skin became irritated.  What can I do?


A6: Before installing the NozeSealTM adhesive strip, apply skin moisturizer to your nose.  Remove excess with a wipe, thus leaving behind a thin layer of moisturizer that protects the skin.  After removing the NozeSealTM adhesive strip, again apply moisturizer to your nose.   If this procedure does not work for you, discontinue use.